a thank you note to a best friend that

i. tolerates me at the gym

ii. makes me strawberry and nutella crepes at seven in the morning

iii. understands when being a nice person just isn’t an option

iv. slows down for me as I struggle to keep up on the bike

v. isn’t afraid to laugh at me when I crash into a bush while riding said bike

vi. doesn’t have to talk to me when we hang out

vii. lives three blocks away from me

viii. will snapchat me at all hours of the day

(you know who you are)

the view from sunday

i. sleeping in an extra three hours

ii. a little too much to drink at senior-citizen dinner hour (yes that means 5pm) with my favorite person

iii. muggy city wanderings ending at avec for heavenly dates & a lil bit more wine

iv. summer list-writing for skype sessions with holly

v. actually being able to watch netflix after 6pm without falling asleepĀ