(just wondering)

i. how early are you going to bed?
ii. is it easy to fall asleep?
iii. did you have a good day?
iv. are you still reading kerouac?
v. do you ever bring me up over lunch?
vi. or coffee?

summer (how to)

i. brave city cycling

ii. quit drinking coffee (next week)

iii. immerse yourself into the freezing lake

iv. hug your mom

v. drink an entire bottle of moscato

vi. brunch early and brunch often

vii. bubble bath

viii. make the perfect tonkatsu (for pat)

ix. remember to water the house plants

x. explore the curve of cheeks and the arches of eyebrows

xi. make room in the bed for one more

xii. sleep like a starfish when you get the extra space back

xiii. not think about it

xiv. think about it