greetings from nola:

i. i love the weather here but seventy degrees and sunny still isn’t as comfortable as the warmth we found sleeping in way too late on a thirty degree chicago day

ii. beignets & caribbean tacos are great but i think i prefer mediocre thai noodles and dumplings at two in the morning

iii. there are palm trees here and i’ve been reading on the quad but the worn-in couches of hallowed grounds seem more appropriate for this particular book

iv. the iced mocha i bought today was pretty good except it was five dollars and it gave me a headache and i like the one you ordered for me at c shop a lot more

v. even though this sounds kind of whiney im actually having fun here—i just miss you and hope that a five hour drive won’t be too much for next weekend because i’ll be home wednesday and we have sleep to catch up on, food to order, books to read, and coffee to drink